19 photos of Facebook’s rise from a Harvard dorm room to world domination

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We all know that Facebook is the classic Silicon Valley success story.

The story of a few Harvard students who had an idea and turned it into one of the most used services today.

It has made Mark Zuckerberg into a legendary figure, and turned a hoodie and tennis shoes the height of tech industry fashion.

Nowadays, Facebook is worth $364 BILLION, with more than 1.71 billion people using the site every month.

Here’s a look into the story behind Facebook’s insane growth, from February 2004 through today.

Spoiler alert: It involves a lot of beer.

Facebook started at Harvard’s Kirkland House dormitory — the same dorm that Wallace Shawn (who played Vizzini in “The Princess Bride” and the voice of “Toy Story’s” Rex) lived in during his Harvard years.



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