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A Very Biased List of the 5 Best ‘Gilmore Girls’ Episodes

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On Friday, Netflix will stream the first new episodes of Gilmore Girls because the show went off the air in 2007. The resurrection, titled Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, takes the kind of four 90-minute episodes, each taking place on another season in the period of a year. In expectation of the momentous occasion, Flavorwire’s resident Gilmore Girls fanatical (that’s me!) makes the claim for the primacy of the five episodes in the show’s first run.

5. “Friday Night’s Ok for Fighting” (Season 6, Episode 13)

Season 6 takes us as Rory goes into her grandparents’ pool house leaves at Yale in the aftermath of her fatal choice to steal a yacht with Logan, and joins the Daughters of the American Revolution. But halfway through the season, Jess surprises Rory having reams her outside for all her life choices and a visit — especially the decision to give up school. In episode nine, “The Prodigal Daughter Returns,” Lorelai and Rory eventually reunite, as Rory goes back to Yale and leaves the pool house.

Four episodes after, Lorelai and Rory head — their first following the news that Rory’s father Christopher will buy her tuition at Yale, which releases Rory from her duty to attend the weekly meal.

The episode assembles to the closing doozy of a scene, a five-minute-long argument involving the four Gilmores that breaks in the show’s house direction in hilarious style. Lorelai is simmering over Luke’s horrible choice to maintain his long lost daughter, April, outside of her life, upending their participation strategies, and Rory has just swept into save the staff of the Yale Daily News after Paris, the editor in chief, has a tyrannical break down and constructs a bunker in the newsroom.

In the wake of that, the Gilmore girls show up for dinner at Emily and Richard’s house, where things are a bit away — Emily, for one, is outside on the veranda, painting moonscapes. But the gloves come off when the group sits down for dinner, as well as a roving camera sets the tone with this epic, expertly edited sequence. Nothing is off limits: Lorelai’s refusal to wed Christopher when she got pregnant as a teen; Rory’s moving in, and then outside, of her grandparents’ house; an airplane attempted to timeshare. At one point, the gang pauses to marvel in the passionfruit sorbet. The scenes cut immediately into each other, highlighting the stack of problems this WASPy family has left unaffected for so long. Ultimately, Lorelai and Rory appear from the home in tatters that are mental. I believe we’ve formally reinstated Friday night dinner,” Lorelai says.

Greatest Line: Lorelai [re: Paul Anka, the dog]: “He’s absolutely great having his private liberty slowly stripped away, so long as he’s entirely oblivious that it’s occurring. Just just like an authentic American.”