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Gilmore Girls: Michel Finally Gets a Love Life in the Revival

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If Gilmore Girls were an ice-cream sundae—a metaphor Lorelai and Rory would really adore—then Michel Gerard has been the cherry on the top. The delightfully misanthropic concierge is some thing of an enigma: a Frenchman who somehow ended up in the miniature Connecticut town, where he spends his time drowning in ennui, counting calories, and gushing about Céline Dion. Michel’s lines are frequently a number of the show’s most quotable—example: “Folks are specially stupid now; I can’t speak to any more of them”—and his acerbic touch is half of what consistently kept the Gilmore world from being overly cloying. (The other half, obviously, was Paris.)

However, many supporters have spent years wishing they understood more relating to this cryptic guy—specially his sexual orientation, but also more vague questions, like how he ended up in the very first place in the Independence Inn. As the Netflix resurrection prepares to make its introduction, Vanity Fair discussed with celebrity Yanic Truesdale about what it’s like to be back—and attempted to get just as much info out of him as we could.

Let’s focus on the most burning question: Michel. Although Netflix’s cone of silence undoubtedly extends to Michel’s love life, Truesdale was in a position to ensure that Michel will, really, have one in the resurrection—a first for his character.

By choice, I believe Amy never shown [Michel’s] his love life and private life, but certainly she acquired an option that was different this time around,” Truesdale said. We really get to find out of who he’s, and far more what’s going on in his love life. And he’s coping with some major choices—life choices which you never could have seen before. . . . Each of the questions which you have will be replied.”

As the Huffington Post notes, Sookie St. James was [initially imagined] as a lesbian character—something originator Amy Sherman-Palladino said was a “non starter” for the WB back in 2000 when the show first kicked off. As for Michel, it’s unsure what Shermanpalladino’s motive might have been—but whatever “gay” qualities he possessed expressly found them

It didn’t require much work for Truesdale to get in character. He was a precise appropriate for Sherman Palladino’s dysfunction, and once he read about his character, he “got him from the beginning really intuitively.”

Should you inquire Truesdale, Michel isn’t cranky. He’s special—and, yes, lacks a filter.

“ ‘ We want that we’re able to say to someone else’s face You bore me and Iwill return to what I used to be doing,’” Truesdale said. “ that can’t be said by us. We could, I suppose, but we simply do not let ourselves. . . . You know, I can not tell you—I must have heard thousands of times, that first line being said by folks ‘ Folks are particularly stupid now; I can not speak to any more of them.’ Everyone feels like that all of the time!”

And if we can’t say those things, we can respect the TV character who constantly does.

Because he’s French maybe it’s. Truesdale known that many French people just “have a very unique manner to do things.” And some—like Michel—can’t help but feel irritated when things aren’t done according to those rules. To take one example ,, Truesdale remembered getting lunch by himself in Paris—and being gradually reprimanded for his preferred drink:

“I purchased a Diet Coke, and also the waiter explained that he did not agree with the Diet Coke—that it did not go with my food!”

So, how can a man that way remain pals using a gal like Lorelai? Through time, theirs is a relationship predicated on reciprocal regard— if it’s mainly expressed through sarcasm. Michel’s admiration for Emily Gilmore—who’s nearly the same as his own mom—makes more sense at first glance. But to Truesdale, the intimacy between Lorelai and Michel is extremely real, also. I believe there’s love that was true there,” Truesdale said. “ you can annoy, but she is loved by you. She’s your sister.”

And as for Rory? Michel was among the few characters who might have kept her before Paris Geller entered the mixture. He treated her like a little adult when compared to a child to be doted on—maybe because he just does not have any notion what things to do with kids.

As Truesdale noted, “Everyone is kind of smitten by her a little bit—by her appeal. He’s not at all

What ’s it like to be back in Stars Hollow after all these years? It seems whole lot

“ I and I had my suit and the set, respectively, and that I only did a couple takes, and that I turned around and I looked at Amy, and that I mentioned It feels like I never quit,’” Truesdale said. “I believe once you’ve played a character for so long, he’s in you.”

One special joy, he added, was reuniting with McCarthy and Lauren Graham, Truesdale said, since pretty much all of his scenes in the very first go around included those two—ordinarily scenarios involving Lorelai at the center, attempting to make peace between Sookie and Michel as they bickered.

Although Truesdale didn’t have the responses to all our questions, he humored us by channeling his internal Michel and taking his best guesses. Unlike the Gilmore pooch, Michel’s dog, Paul Anka, Paw Paw, he thinks, is likely dead. As for what fad diet Michel might now be on, Truesdale went with Paleo—“because he was very into the most up-to-date matter.” Michel’s diet fixation, he added, was based on a producer, who, he recalls, read a novel that indicated one’s life expectancy would shorten by five years. Truesdale was certain as for Michel landed in Stars Hollow: “Your speculation is of the same quality ” he said. “Maybe something intimate—an intimate affair made him stay.”

But now for the most crucial question: In a post-Destiny’s Child world, what does Michel jam out to?

“I ‘d believe he is a Lady Gaga [supporter],” Truesdale

The Gilmore Girls resurrection eventually reaches Netflix on Friday—assuming, needless to say, that this whole thing hasn’t been a perfect delusion.

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