Gilmore Girls

‘Gilmore Girls’ Producer Says Stars Hollow Would’ve Voted For Trump

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Life was always a little too idyllic in Stars Hollow, the fictional Connecticut town where Gilmore Girls is set. In an interview with Vulture’s Jen Chaney, co-executive producer Daniel Palladino — who’s married to creator Amy Sherman-Palladino — suggested that darkness lies beneath the show’s adorably quirky surface. (Some spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen .)

When Chaney mentions that Luke and Lorelai’s wedding in the fourth episode takes place just days ahead of the presidential election, Palladino says they were tempted to include some reference to Hillary Clinton, whom they assumed would function as the president-elect by the time the Netflix revival came out, but decided against it. “Amy and I are dyed in the wool liberals and very left wing,” Palladino says. “But the show, we always wanted it to be bipartisan and Stars Hollow is a — probably voted for Trump, mainly …”

But Sherman-Palladino isn’t having it:

ASP: No. No, no, no, no.

DP: Oh, I think they did.

ASP: No, no, no, no, no.

DP: It’s rural America!

ASP: No, no, no, no, no. There isn’t any evilness in Stars Hollow. Don’t put that out there, I don’t accept that. Absolutely not.

DP: Okay, maybe it’s a …

ASP: No. No.

DP:… clean, liberal …

ASP: No. No.

DP:… maybe.

ASP: No. No, no, no. The problem is the fact that if we’d known the world was being taken on by Satan we’d have needed a whole other budget for, like, dragons and demons that are flying and, you know, such as the sun disappearing in the planet. Winter is coming. It could have been expensive the way we’d have needed to do it, had we known the apocalypse was coming. It’s good we didn’t, so we didn’t need to spend all that money on horns, harpies — and Minotaurs and women with snakes.

Trump in Stars Hollow? That certainly would’ve altered those famous four final words.