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Gilmore Girls: What If Logan Had The Last Four Words

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Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life


The coffee as well as the banter; the junk food as well as the Friday dinners; the ups as well as the downs of growing old and growing up. Gilmore Girls returned in a huge way with all the Netflix Original Series Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, bringing back Alexis Bledel (Mad Men) as Rory, Lauren Graham (Parenthood) as Lorelai, and all of your favorites in the first seven series run on The CW. The four episode mini-series charmed old fans and new fans alike, showing us where the Gilmore family was taken by life since it left the air, although the series wasn’t without its share of controversy.

Reaction to the much-touted “final four words” was swift on social media, splitting fans and critics alike with all the cliffhanger revelation that Rory is pregnant. Whether or not we’ll ever see another season or mini-series of Gilmore Girls, the controversial ending certainly kept the conversation going, with many tuning in just to see what all of the hubbub was about. Some have even offered up their own thoughts on what those final words should have been, or might’ve been had they come from a different character. Now, a Gilmore Girls co-star has given their thoughts on what could’ve been.

Matt Czuchry (The Good Wife) recently told Screener what he thinks the final four words would’ve been had his character, Logan, been the one to say them. His take is decidedly sweeter, and definitely less ambiguous, than what we actually got, which was a simple admission of his character’s true feelings for Rory. While it’s definitely a cute sentiment, that probably still would’ve caused a swirl of emotions given the fact that his character is currently living in London and engaged to another woman. Needless to say, neither of these things seemed to stop his relationship and Rory, a point which served for fans of the series as another point of controversy. (Words need to be backed up by action, Logan.)

Gilmore Girls Rory with Logan Gilmore Girls: What If Logan Had The Last Four Words

Needless to say, given the nature of Rory and Logan’s relationship, especially over A Year in the Life, those words could easily be just as big of a cliffhanger as the words we got. Czuchry’s version still leaves plenty of room for wondering exactly what the future might hold for Rory, leaving us in limbo still.

That being said, Logan is still the likeliest candidate for father of Rory’s baby. If we ever do get another round of Gilmore Girls, which producer Amy Sherman-Palladino has hinted is possible, chances are good that we’ll see Rory and Logan finally coming together to raise their baby. Even though they aren’t together as a couple, there’s little doubt that Logan would do the right thing and co-parent along with Rory. For the reason that situation, it’s more than likely that Logan will utter those words sooner or later, romantic context or no.

At any rate, it seems possible that Logan’s wedding may be called off. While it’s not confirmed that Logan is actually the father, given the context we’ve, there’s really no other candidate. Of all Rory’s relationships over the years, Logan seemed best for Rory, despite their many ups and downs. Fans have wanted the both of them to end up and also a new baby could be the perfect strategy to bring all of it back home.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is now available on Netflix.

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