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Milo Ventimiglia just hinted that he’s done playing Jess on “Gilmore Girls” — FOREVER

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— Oy with the poodles already

Milo Ventimiglia only suggested that he is done playing Jess on “Gilmore Girls” — ETERNALLY


Perhaps you’ve already discovered this rumor, but word around Stars Hollow is the fact that Netflix is trying to bring back for more episodes. That seems just like an excellent thought! You need to have more episodes, I need everyone on the planet, more episodes needs more episodes. Not everybody is begging to get another cup of coffee while we’re ready to go back back to Luke’s.

Aside from “preliminary discussions,” there’s nothing new on the Season 2 front. Yet, that’sn’t stopped Milo Ventimiglia — who played Jess through the OG run, as well as the resurrection — from saying that perhaps more Gilmore Girls isn’t the most effective thought. He’s often used a pie analogy to propose that supporters shouldn’t get so selfish, and TBH, we completely get where he’s coming from. We do! But if a person will bake us a pie, it’s not like we’re going to say NO to the pie. Come on, it’s pie.

With all that being said, in a recent , Milo goes so far as to imply when Gilmore Girls were to return for much more episodes, he’d definitely grant it his approval. He mightn’t return. Clue, GASP.

“I hear gossips… I believe it’s exciting,” he describes. “At times, however, I do believe it’s too much.”

Perhaps now might be an excellent time to set Jess to rest, although he’s definitely not steadfast against the notion of more episodes.

There are more stories to tell with lots of of the characters, but at exactly the same time several of those characters for many of us performers tend to be more when compared to a decade before he continues. “It was exciting going back to Gilmore Girls for the four Netflix films, but I’m filled with it.”

I believe the stories were told. I believe it was amazing for supporters and the crowd to get only one little taste of the world. But, in once, I believe folks shouldn’t get so selfish.”

If you’ve been following Milo’s opinions for recent months, he will waver between needing to go back, and not attempting to go back. These latest remarks positive fall in the latter of the two, which sound you hear is our hearts breaking. We’ve definitely had Rory without Jess, but nonetheless, it simply wouldn’t look appropriate without understanding Jess will be there fondly staring through the veranda window to return back to Stars Hollow for the 3rd time.


Clearly nothing is set in stone, and Gilmore Girls still hasn’t been renewed for Season 2. Regardless, perhaps you better begin easing yourself to the concept of an Stars Hollow festival

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