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‘Orange is the New Black’ Season 3 Trailer: Black, White, & Red

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The third season premiere of Jenji Kohan’s fantastic Netflix series Orange is the New Black is a couple months away, so we thought it would be a great time to give you a little teaser.

If you’re a fan of the comedy-drama prison show, you’ll be overjoyed to watch this 2 minute trailer.

Piper and the gang return (without Jason Biggs) and you guessed it, they’re still behind bars.

The good news? They’re getting a few additions to their number. They’re getting a few additions to their number, notably Stella (Australian model and actress Ruby Rose), who appears in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it beat in the clip – but will likely provide a substantial source of conflict for Piper (Taylor Schilling) and Alex (Laura Prepon).


If you need a quick recap, remember that Piper had Polly tattle about Alex’s probation officer following the latter’s courtroom back-stab.

That gesture put Alex back in the slammer but out of reach of Kubra.

So Alex’s feelings toward Piper may be decidedly mixed when they cross paths again – and while Stella’s exact role in the narrative isn’t clear, it’s not outlandish to assume that she’ll be the third party in a love triangle between them.

Orange is the New Black season three will be available on Netflix starting June 12th, 2015.

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