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Sean Gunn explains how he landed the role of Kirk on “Gilmore Girls”

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Sean Gunn describes how he landed the part of Kirk on “Gilmore Girls”

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While Gilmore Girls was centered round the relationship between Lorelai and Rory Gilmore (and Lorelai’s parents), it’s safe to say the citizens of Stars Hollow frequently stole the present, such as city odd ball Kirk Gleason, performed by Sean Gunn.

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Gunn uncovered that he’d been in Los Angeles working hard to get his big break as an actor, when he found the section of the DSL installer. Being a tiny, one off part, he was advised by his agent against using it, but Gunn, on a whim, went for this.

“I was in L.A., grinding it out, doing some commercials here and there, performing a line or two on some shows,” he told EW. “It was just one audition for the part of a DSL installer on one bout of of

Gilmore Girls. My agent in the time suggested that the audition is passed on by me. I I suppose it was because it was a ‘costar’ and perhaps not a ‘guest star’ function, or something foolish like that. But I mentioned, ‘Let me examine the scene, and when I like it, I’ll go in.’ What a monumental choice. That I went in, and I believed it was a great small scene, and I did the work. It was 1 day, it was an entertaining day, and that I thought that was that.”

It proved that Gunn had caught the eye of creator Amy Sherman Palladino and casting director Jami Rudofsky,  who, when casting still another part on the present, decided to to re-hire the actor who performed the DSL installer a.k.a Gunn. He stated, after being requested back to the display several times, he accidentally became part of the family.

“After a couple of episodes I became sort of component of the cloth of the city,” Gunn continued. “But, yeah I didn’t believe it was really going to be more than one episode, I didn’t believe it was really going to be mo Re than one-season, plus it finished up up being seven. And then it returned! And now it’s more well-known than ever before! It’s really been the strangest work. It’s the type of factor you might never ever predict.”


We critically couldn’t picture Gilmore Ladies without Gunn as Kirk. While he was a character folks cherished to detest or loved, he usually made lifestyle in Stars Hollow a small more fascinating.

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