This Dad Is Tired Of His Daughter Being On The Phone. What He Does Next Is Hilarious

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This is the moment a dad decides to take action on his daughter for being on the phone to much and decides to throw a lizard at her.

Yes thats right he picked up an unsuspecting lizard and just chucked it.

In the video a young teenage girl can be seen on the phone chatting when the unsuspecting reptile lands in her lap.

As the lizard scampers down from the chair the the girl, who is thought to be Brazilian, is evidently shocked and can be seen trying to escape from the pesky pest.

She scrambles up from her seat but her phone is still attached to the charger in the wall making her getaway impossible.

The end of the 14 second clip sees the girl get safety in another room well away from the lizard and her dad.

Since the video was uploaded to by the fearless father it has been viewed a massive 50,000 times in less than 24 hours.

So the lesson learnt here is that if youre dad says get off the phone and you dont-prepare to have a reptile thrown at you.