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Why more ‘Gilmore Girls’ is exactly what we need after that revival

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I’m with you, Gilmore Girls enthusiasts. A Year in the Life bears a strong resemblance to your own typical family re-union. It allows you to feel nostalgic and warm and fuzzy at times, but it leaves you wondering if you actually actually understood these folks to begin with.

But here’s finished: creator Amy Sherman Palladino has stated repeatedly, this was her end-game eyesight for the unique run of the display. She’s been hanging onto these tales, to those questionable last four phrases, for more than a decade. If some thing about them didn’t sense right, it’s because these were were never designed to unfold in 20-16. But as far as I’m involved (and worried I ‘m, provided our lady Rory’s present ethical compass), what we got in this revival is significantly better than nothing — I cherished time for Stars Hollow, even easily didn’t accept every thing that was occurring there. And what would be even better is moreGilmore Girls.

Now I know a few of you out there are considering, “No thanks! Enough damage was done to my beloved figures!” But hear me out: Sherman Palladino arrived to this revival with tunnelvision. It was her do over, her opportunity to tell the tale she didn’t get to complete the first time around. And since that tale wasn’t designed for for 20-16, elements of it inevitably felt, well, a bit off.

Would I’ve bought Rory perpetually falling for play boy Logan’s charms again in her early twenties? Sure. I wouldn’t have been pleased about it offered the relative awesomeness of grownup Jess (#TeamJess, guilty as charged), but I could have recognized it and I probably could have forgiven her for it (yes, even the cheating). But Rory in her thirties? Come on, girl. Get it together. It’s perfectly suitable to make errors at 3 2, but preferably, you aren’t still producing the sam e blunders you produced in your youth.


This really is why the time leap doesn’t really function — these figures should have have become and matured a bit mo Re — but the attractiveness of moving ahead with even mo Re new content is that it’d basically be a clear slate. Yes, there’d be fall-out from A Yr in the Existence to cope with. In a recent interview with Television Line, Sherman Palladino responded into a question about whether she’s believed about where the tale goes next by declaring, “No. Not a-T all.” If these were were to make mo-Re episodes, she could approach them without the extra pounds of weaving in out-of-date, pre-conceived plots.

She could have an action again, seem a T where our women are a-T in the present time line, and create a tale that maybe not only relates to concerns posed by the revival, but requires the figures to new heights that sense more fitting offered where and who they’re now.

More Gilmore Ladies? I say, carry it it on. But please, no divorce for Lorelei and Luke — my shipper heart couldn’t manage it — and also, no mo Re musicals that aren’t amusing enough to justify their duration. If you’re heading to do a musical amount, Kirk wants to participate the efficiency. And possibly Petal the pig also.

Kate Pawson Studer is young-adult writer, and a freelance e-ditor. You’ll find her on the web a-T this hyperlink.

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